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Workplace Specialists (Formerly Occupational Specialists) Last update - 12/28/2012

Note: Effective May 2, 2011 all educational license applications will submitted completely online.  No further license applications will be accepted until after this date.  For those applying for the first WSII license (moving from WSI), some submission details have not yet been finalized. The information regarding these items will be added here once available. This will include information regarding submission of TABE report information and how to handle the required verification by WSI online instructors regarding program completion (which traditionally required a signature on the V-90A form)

Visit the Office of Educator Licensing and Development for the latest published information regarding the new license electronic application process.

Note that the WSI training and all license renewals after 1 July 2010 will fall under the newly adopted REPA rules.

Download point chart and PDP forms below.
Also, see bottom of page for information regarding satisfying TABE requirements on a PDP.

Effective 1 July 2010 - PDP Representatives will no longer be involved with the PDP process or clearance.
Note the contact information for the former PDP representatives will be removed from this site shortly after 1 July 2010.

Both old and new PDP's should be provided to the WS teacher's CTE director for r authorization.  Both forms must have the appropriate authorization lines signed by both the teacher and the director (not other administrator).  All supporting documentation (verifying activities completed) as indicated by the PDP point chart must be provided to the CTE director prior to review and authorization of completed PDP's.  Only listing the activities without official verifying documents will not be sufficient.   Do not send any PDP's to the former university representatives!

Point Chart and License Application Process

The following point chart should used to assist with developing PDP's for all license applications beginning July 1, 2003.

This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This software is available for free through Adobe.  Click on the link in the previous sentence to download this program.

Reference PDP Point Chart

Please note there is a new requirement for CPR certification for any new license.  A current Indiana State Police criminal background check is also required for every license application.

License Application Link

Web Links of Interest for WS Teachers -

See PDP Form section below for new information sheets to help with preparing acceptable PDP's under the new point system.

Point Conversions:

1 contact hour = 1 point (unless otherwise noted on point chart or other licensing policy)
1 CRU = 2 contact hours = 1 point
1 CEU = 1 contact hour = 1 point (unless appropriate documentation confirms different contact hours per CEU)
1 Semester Credit Hour = 15 contact hours = 15 points
1 Quarter Credit Hour = 10 contact hours =  10 points

Alternative conversions for the above established policies will require supporting documentation.

Required PDP Forms

Past PDP forms have been removed from the site because they are no longer in use.  Old PDP's with the PDP or university representative signatures will not require this third signature when submitted.

Please note:  All teachers now holding an OSII lisence who will be applying for renewal will now be issued a WSII license. The application process will be the same and will use the PDP document for the past license period and will prepare the new PDP using the current PDP form and follow the guidelines in the current PDP point chart. The WSII license will be valid for five years (not four).

As of 1 July 2010, the REPA PDP form will required for new PDP's.  PDP's submitted prior to 1 July 2010 will not have to be revised to the new forms.

 New Required REPA PDP forms
Use for any PDP submitted to DOE 1 July 2010 or later.  Old PDP's can be submitted as verification of completion, but new ones must use the new form. Note that the third signature on the verification of old forms is no longer required, leave these blank.


REPA PDP Change Request Form

Helpful information links

The four items below are hot links to draft help pages for preparing acceptable PDP's under the new point system.  Note:  These documents are pending final approval and will be revised or replaced by mid-fall 2010.

New Features for PDP's            Categories for Activities            Common Mistakes on PDP's       

Writing Proper Objectives and Activity Statements   

TABE required items

Currently, the only specific courses preauthorized to satisfy TABE requirements on PDP's or for initial WSII license applications are as follows:

IVY Tech Courses: Minimum requirements for Math = MATH 015, 035, 050, 070 or 080; for Reading ENG 032 or 083, for Language ENG 025, 093 or any 100 level or above in appropriate content areas. See below for links to various university course information. Ivy Tech may be in the process of changing the remedial course numbers, official review and authorization has not yet been conducted for new numbers (pending the review). Any remedial courses (those beginning with "0", should be authorized prior to attempting to apply them to the TABE requirements until the level of content in the courses have been verified).  Vincennes University Courses: Minimum requirements for Writing/language = ENGL 009 or 011; for reading READ 009; an for Math MATH 010. Any 100 level or higher courses in the required content areas from any accredited institution will work for these requirements as long as the content matches the area of deficiency.

IVY Tech Course Catalog                BSU Catalog                        Purdue Programs                  Indiana State Course Catalog      Anderson Catalog
IUPUI Course Descriptions      IU Sites and Programs     Southern Indiana Academic Info          Indiana Wesleyan Catalog     U of Indianapolis Catalog
Bulter Home Page                 Notre Dame Home Page     Link page to all Indiana Colleges and Universities

Special Note: Equivalent 100 level or higher courses from 2 or 4 year accredited institutions will also often apply if for appropriate content.

Note that TABE requirements no longer may appear on PDP's.  With the introduction of the WS license pattern, this deficiency must be addressed prior to applying for the initial WSII license.  The WSI license is good for two years, so there will be at least one year the teacher can address the item while still licensed. For those who initiated a PDP prior to this change (i.e. have a OSII license with a PDP requirement), the PDP will still be in effect and must be satisfied prior to the next WSII application.

Note that the list for specific courses identified by course number and provider is currently under review and may be expanded in the future. 

Please be aware that any courses or other programs to be considered for satisfying this requirement must be graded activities that appear on a transcript or other similar official record.

PPST (Praxis I) equivalent scores to the required minimum scores for the TABE are:
PPST Reading 10710=176,
PPST Writing 20720=172,
PPST Mathematics 10730=175.

CASA equivalent scores to the required minimum for the TABE are 220 each for all three batteries.

Note that the PPST or CASA can be used to satisfy the TABE requirements whether taken before or after the TABE administration.  If taken before and the scores indicated above are achieved, these scores may be used in place of the TABE.


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