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Updated 12/9/2010
Online Master's Degree Programs
Career and Technical Education
Technology Education

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    CTE core courses offered - ITEDU-569 & ITMFG-560


    Specializing in:

    Career and Technical Education
    Technology Teacher Education

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    Technology Teacher Education


    Career and Technical Teacher Education


    Many of the courses for the CTE major also apply toward Indiana Career and Technical Director licensing and to Cooperative Education license endorsements for those licensed in Indiana under Bulletin 400, Rules 46 & 47, or Rules 2002.

    Workplace Specialist Teacher Certification


    The above is an alternate licensing pattern for teachers for program areas related to specific occupational areas that is based primarily on work experience in that area and not on college teacher preparation.  This is only for those teaching Career and Technical (Vocational) trade programs in Indiana.

    Online course schedule for CTE major

    Master's Degree Program

    Note that all syllabi are pending updating except those currently being taught, so they are only for general reference.

    ITEDU-550 Career and Technical Student Organizations (Every 1st Summer session online)


    ITEDU-552 Strategies and Materials for CTE (Every fall online)


    ITEDU-568 Principles & Philosophy of CTE (Every fall online)


    ITEDU-569 Organization and Coordination of CTE (Every spring online)


    ITMFG-560 Occupational Health and Safety (Every spring online)


    ITEDU-696 Techniques in Cooperative Education (Every 1st Summer session online)


    Tutorial for Using Online Tools


    Indiana ACTE and Region III ACTE


    Other Links of Interest to Educators


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